Canada – Open Call for Front-of-packaging nutrition labeling

When it comes to food labels, the US, Canada, and Europe all watch each other and talk amongst themselves.


When you see one country looking into something, be assured the other regulators take notice.


The Canadian Health system and services department, is asking for public commentary, specifically “You’re  invited to provide comments on the proposal for front-of-package nutrition labelling.”


Health Canada is proposing mandatory front-of-package labelling for foods high in nutrients that are a public health concern. These nutrients are:

  • sugars
  • sodium
  • saturated fat


Frequently eating foods high in these nutrients can lead to increased health risks, such as:

  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure


We’re also proposing to update other front-of-package components, including certain label claims and sweetener information.


We’re seeking input from all interested Canadians, including:

  • consumers who are interested in healthy eating
  • industry members and associated organizations
  • health professionals and associated organizations
  • all levels of government
  • academics and researchers
  • non-government organizations


We would like to get input on:

  • warnings for foods high in sodium, sugars and/or saturated fat
  • updates to nutrient content claims and other nutrition-related statements
  • nutrient levels (thresholds) used to identify if a product is high in sodium, sugars and/or saturated fat
  • foods containing sweeteners

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