Frequently AskedQuestions

No. We typically receive and send information via emails and drop-box type communications.
While our name says “bank”, we are not a financial institution. Payments must be made in USA currency. 
Our pricing is variable as it suits the client’s needs and may be fixed per label, or by hour, and/or by retainer. Discounts apply for labels and questions that are similar. Deposits are required to begin.
No, you only send us the electronic files. If you need a product assayed for the nutrient content, we will recommend laboratories.
We continually read and attend educational sessions to maintain our credentials and knowledge.
We currently do not have open positions.
We do not publish our client list or brag sheet. If you would like a list of our references, we can provide once a confidentiality agreement is in place.

food label consultants
When you connect with knowledge bank and with our food label consultants, it’s like having a virtual scientific team without having the overhead of a full department. Call us to discuss the ways we complement your business team especially if you are a…

  • Co-packer
  • Contract manufacturer
  • Retail buyer
  • Chain or institutional food service manager
  • Marketing agency
  • Legal counselor
  • Quality assurance supervisor
  • Graphic designer