FDA CFSAN – Proposed Updates to Nutrition Facts Label

The next generation of nutrition panels has been announced.

FDA and the White House are proposing changes that will affect foods and dietary supplements.  Not only the nutrition panel formats will change but also how a serving size or nutrients are calculated.


What happens next?


  • Companies should read the proposals and comments entered at regulations.gov
  • FDA is collating comments and may or may not revise proposed regulations.
  • Organize your workflow so you have a plan of action when the revisions are likely posted March 2016.  How long will it take you to change your labels by 2018?


My advice?


  • Don’t buy more than 1 year’s worth of labels
  • Don’t make changes to your labels as yet…things can/will change!
  • Start investigating how much ADDED sugar you put in your products—including the fruit juice concentrates!
  • Start looking at conversions of Vitamins A, D, and E from international units to micrograms (mcg)
  • Start checking for potassium content—especially in fruit and vegetable bases as well as additives—but don’t start reformulating to add potassium synthetically especially in supplements
  • Evaluate if your sodium and fiber claims will hold should the new daily values take effect
  • Smile and check your crystal ball for miracles….

More to come…


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