National Organics Standards Board – Substance Update January 2018

National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) is proposing to:

  1. change the use restrictions for seventeen substances allowed for organic production or handling on the National List:
    1. micronutrients; chlorhexidine; parasiticides; fenbendazole; moxidectin; xylazine; lidocaine; procaine; methionine; excipients; alginic acid; flavors; carnauba wax; chlorine; cellulose; colors; and, glycerin.
  2. add sixteen new substances on the National List to be allowed in organic production or handling:
    1. hypochlorous acid; magnesium oxide; squid byproducts; activated charcoal; calcium borogluconate; calcium propionate; injectable vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes; kaolin pectin; mineral oil; propylene glycol; acidified sodium chlorite; zinc sulfate; potassium lactate; and, sodium lactate.
  3. prohibit the botanical pesticide, rotenone, for organic crops

Source: Federal Register

For more background see the National Organic Program.


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