Non-GMO claims – fertile ground for lawsuits

gmoCowBe careful of superlatives – Best, Pure, All Natural and even “non-GMO”.  They all imply an absolute.  “non-GMO” implies  “nothing — nada —  zero — zilch” genetically modified organisms.  As Chiplote is finding, if you use “non-GMO”  you can expect the lawyers to fight over the gray. When lawyers spar the dollars just add up, so know your risks.

Food Navigator-USA

An order from a Florida judge in a lawsuit vs Chipotle should serve a warning to all food marketers that they could be sued if they make non-GMO claims about foods containing dairy or meat from animals fed GE feed, legal experts have warned.

Source: Non-GMO claims on foods containing dairy or meat are fertile ground for false ad lawsuits, warn attorneys


Source: I’m a Cow Song


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