knowledge bank helps companies create accurate Nutrition Facts Panels (NFP) or Supplement Facts Panels (SFP) that comply with USA regulations.  FDA does not pre-approve panels; USDA does.  So look to us as your partner in your product launch with accurate nutrition panels.

We utilize the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference or your laboratory nutritional analysis to develop a complete nutrition panel.  Need more help? We can assist with ingredient listing and allergen declaration, in the approved regulatory format so it complements the nutrition panels.

For Supplement Facts Panels, we understand the nuances right down to the details like proper naming conventions for botanicals (genus /species /plant part.)

Utilizing our full label review reports, we may also review your entire label and advise what details are missing on your nutrition panels.  We review the labels and check the proper serving sizes against the reference amounts set by regulation.   This may assist you in identifying other potential claims that you did not see previously.

Coming in 2016, FDA will issue new regulatory formats and calculations to USA nutrition panels (both foods and supplements). USDA is expected to follow suit.  Domestic and International companies need to plan ahead with time, money and resources so they are compliant by 2018 with all USA labels.

knowledge bank is on your side to stay ahead of issues and avoid surprises.

Nutrition and Supplement Facts Panel Creation

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