Packaging re-design process too subjective



More than half of CPG professionals (51%) said subjective decision-making was their primary complaint about the design process.

Here at KnowledgeBank, we couldn’t agree more. We often find that just like people, companies and executives have food philosophies. They have particular biases about what Vegan, non-GMO, raw, all natural and similar claims actually mean.  A company can match their own food philosophy with their customers. But regulators don’t have food philosophy; they have definitions.  And in some cases, like “all natural” regulators haven’t yet created the definition yet. Trying to understand regulations subjectively is bound to fail.


So if you are rebranding, in addition to understanding your market data, look at how regulations define things; and work to ensure your marketing objectives do not create unforeseen regulatory risks.

Source: FoodDive


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