WhiteWave Foods gets new rules for Vitamin D


The Food and Drug Administration

The FDA is amending the food additive regulations to expand the safe uses of vitamin D2 as a nutrient supplement in edible plant-based beverages intended for use as milk alternatives and in edible plant-based yogurt alternatives and vitamin D3 as a nutrient supplement in milk at levels higher than those currently permitted. We are taking this action in response to a food additive petition filed by Dean Foods Company and WhiteWave Foods Company.

Officially published in the Federal Register,  the milk alternatives category  “soy beverages” (e.g. soy milk) has been expanded to include “edible plant-based” beverages.


The approval, which amends existing food additive regulations, will allow manufacturers to voluntarily add up to 84 IU/100g of vitamin D3 to milk, 84 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based beverages intended as milk alternatives, and 89 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based yogurt alternatives.


Manufacturers may begin using the new amounts on July 18, 2016.


Please note the fortification is based on 100grams.  You will need to calculate the weight of your products (not the volume).


Don’t assume 240.0 mL = 240.0 grams when it comes to cows’ milk and milk alternatives.



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