Workshop: Nutrition Panel Reformation & Lean Label Transformation

4-hour workshop presents the new USA regulations for food and supplement nutrition panels along with strategies for a cost efficient approach to the full package re-labeling. Back-of-pack text changes in this regulatory workshop will be at the front of customer inquiries, FDA enforcement, and potential litigation for millions of USA products.



  • WHAT text must appear starting July 26, 2016
  • HOW to mitigate financial pressure from these changes utilizing case studies and strategic planning
  • WHO will be watching that you get it right


Find answers regarding new serving sizes, how Vitamin D and Potassium have replaced Vitamin(s) A and C as well as how much more label real estate is given over to the new formats. FDA expects this nutrient panel change to cost the industry a mere $2.7 billion and involve 1-2 hours of edits before lab assays and full package reprint costs are considered.  Put your label re-print projects on a budgetary diet. Once you learn about the regulations, explore a variety of full label printing solutions with experts from Ideal Print Solutions who can help you trim your printing and label production costs. Learn through hands-on demos and relevant case studies ahead of the other 31,000 food and supplement manufacturers in the same pinch. This workshop will help you find leaner ways to stream-line and print new labels with the required white-boxed panels.  Visit for information and registration details.


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